Commissioned by Showroom Mama, Rotterdam the Netherlands, I’ve created animations, titles and artwork for the docu-series ‘ONSKRUID’.

ONSKRUID is a young Rotterdam street art collective. Led by Showroom MAMA, and with a focus on street art, the group was formed in 2013 and trained as the youngest artists collective in the Netherlands.
The documentary makers René van Zundert and Marèl Jap-Sam followed the girls during their artistic adventure. The ONSKRUID youth series is the result.

Credits: Producent: Showroom Mama & Margriet Brouwer Creative producer: Marèl Jap-Sam Regie, camera & montage: René van Zundert Animaties, titels & vormgeving: Janneke Meekes Muziek: Frans Verburg Colorist: Sandor van Veen Geluidsontwerp: Any Colour You Like Ondertiteling:  Einion Media Vertaling:  Jason Coburn

For more information, please visiti: onskruiddeserie.wordpress.com

© Janneke Meekes 2017