For the project Floating Flowers, in Deventer the Netherlands, I was asked to create a concept for illustrations and animations that will be integrated in an app and a paper card. I teamed up with Jelle Brunt and together we developed a character for children, age 6-11, that will be added to the assignments. Purpose of the project is to make the children enthusiastic about nature.

You can download the app HERE

Jelle and I designed a character called ‘Jack Backpack’. Jack is a turtle with human behaviour, he talks, walks and uses things humans do. His shield is turned into a backpack which contains all the things he needs while exploring nature.

In total we made 13 illustrations, for the app and paper card, and 3 animations, of which 1 will be integrated in augmented reality.
This is a small selection of the illustrations. The animations will follow after the app is released.


Project by Lobke Meekes, Floating Flowers Deventer.

Concept: Janneke Meekes & Jelle Brunt
Character design: Jelle Brunt & Janneke Meekes
Illustrations: Jelle Brunt
Director: Janneke Meekes
Concept: Janneke Meekes & Jelle Brunt
Script: Janneke Meekes
Artwork: Jelle Brunt
Animation: Janneke Meekes
Voice-over: Tim Tomassen
Sounddesign: Soundio – Niels Knops

Graphic design: Gravue & Beeldprikkels
App: Recreate

© Janneke Meekes 2017