foto-website_DeliciaCelik_for_JannekeMeekes                                                                                                                                   [photo by: Delicia Celik]

My name is Janneke Meekes (bachelor of design, animation) and I am an motiondesigner and illustrator, based in the Netherlands.

The work I create is very diverse and I am able to work in a lot of different 2D styles.
Hire me to create explain animations in a graphic digital style or animations that have a handmade look and feel.

While working on educational or explain animations, I can bring clarity in a friendly and accessible way. Therefor my work is suitable for a general public.
Also I love to make poetic illustrations and animations for story’s, poems, books, cards or…something else that you may need.

In a few words:
Creative, flexible, hard working, thinking out of the box, divers, clear thinking, good communication skills.

Curious what I can create for you or your company, or just want to say ‘Hi’? Please feel free to contact me at janneke.meekes@gmail.com

De Wereld Draait Door (BNN/VARA), Storymail, Cultuur-Ondernemen, NTR Wisebits, IDKR8, Gravue, Showroom MAMA, Funk-E animations, Zwarte Cross, Marc de Hond, Bureau kunstcircuit, Hogeschool Rotterdam.



2014- Illustration for ‘Tante Rikie’s onmundig mooie verhalenboek’ from the Zwarte Cross

Selected at filmfestivals in competition:
– ‘Versus’ – Holland animation film festival 2012. Competition Dutch animation. The Netherlands
– ‘Versus’ – Holland animation film festival 2012. Competition European student films.The Netherlands
– ‘Versus’ – Animateka. European student animated film competition2012. Slovenia.

If you like to see free and more abstract work by me, please visit :